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RVD Day at SVW for 4/20

RVD Day at SVW for 4/20

SVW is celebrating 4/20 this Thursday and theres no better face for our celebration than Rob Van Dam! While we couldn't get him here this year we will be showing his best matches and talking about our favorite memories. But in case you don't know about him let's talk about the legendary Rob Van Dam, or as we know him, RVD!

During his career, RVD won numerous championships, including the WWE Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. He was known for his unique wrestling style and his charismatic personality that made him a fan favorite. He even invented the famous "Van Terminator" move, which is still talked about today!

Aside from his in-ring skills, RVD is also known for his love of weed, which he has used to promote responsible use and even trademarked the phrase "RVD 420". This has made him a popular figure in the cannabis community and even led him to produce the documentary "Headstrong", exploring the use of cannabis in sports.

RVD continues to be an inspiration to wrestlers and fans alike, showing that you can be both laid-back and cool, while still being a total badass in the ring. His legacy in the wrestling industry remains strong and he is still loved by fans around the world.

So, if you're a wrestling fan or just curious about the legend that is RVD, be sure to check out some of his classic matches and remember to search those key terms, such as "high-flying wrestler", "charismatic personality", and "innovative wrestling style".


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