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The SVW Gang Goes on a Road Trip!

SVW begins a road trip down the East Coast collecting vintage pro wrestling memorabilia.

SuplexMania was an extreme success! But with success comes in some ways, more problems...Our store got gutted and it needs more vintage items. So, what’s next? Might as well go down the east coast hunting for more wrasslin’ gear for the SVW Nation. The group will be visiting Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Savannah and Orlando.

Fortunately, I was able to catch up with Roman, Josh and Gunk to see what the they had cookin'up before they embarked on this epic vintage wrestling odyssey.

JustJayBe: Who’s idea was it to embark on such an adventure?

Gunk: Bossman (Chris).

Josh: Chris I think.

Roman: Chris.

JustJayBe: What’s the main goal of this road trip?

Gunk: Scope out the scene in Orlando for a potential second store.

Josh: Buyin' stuff.

Roman: To get content and try and make a show/youtube series that people can watch and enjoy

JustJayBe: What’s the best case scenario for this trip?

Gunk: We have a fun ass time and maybe even buy some new cool shit for the shop.

Josh: Roman gets lost some where along the way.

Roman: Best case scenario we have a great time, get awesome content, and everything goes according to plan.

JustJayBe: What’s the worst?

Gunk: Josh kills Roman.

Josh: Roman doesn’t get lost some where along the way.

Roman: Worst case scenario we get stranded or lost or something awful happens like Gunky gets eaten by an alligator.

JustJayBe: Who do you think is going to be the most annoying member to travel with? 

Gunk: Roman because he breathes very loud.

Josh: Roman.

Roman: Gotta be either Gunky or Josh.

JustJayBe: Are there any specific pieces of vintage merchandise that you have your eyes on?

Gunk: Figures, I’m the figure nerd.

Josh: Jake the Snake shirts.

Roman: Ring used Hacksaw 2x4.

JustJayBe: What city are you excited to visit the most?

Gunk: Definitely Orlando I’ve never been to Florida.

Josh: Savannah.

Roman: Savannah for sure.

JustJayBe: For foodies in the group, what city are you excited to get some grub at the most? Anything specific? Crab Cakes in Baltimore? BBQ in North Carolina? 

Gunk: I heard there’s a BBQ place in Savannah called Wiley’s Championship BBQ. Apparently it’s one of the best BBQ joints in the country, definitely hype for that.

Josh: This question is probably better for roman.

Roman: BBQ in NC by a landslide.

JustJayBe: How can everyone keep up with what ya’ll are up to while you're on this epic trip?

Gunk: Follow @suplex.svw on Instagram!!!! If you want a more behind the scenes look at what I’m specifically doing follow my personal account @gunkymane

Josh: IG.

Roman: Stay locked to that IG, @suplex.svw.


The SVW gang left May 23rd and will return before May 31st. The rest of the group will make their way to Orlando May 28th. Visit, follow and subscribe to our Instagram and YouTube to keep up with our shenanigans and more amazing vintage items from the best wrestling store there is, was, and ever will be.

- JustJayBe


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